Baghlan 2008-2009

Project title: Enhancement of the institutions of local governance in Baghlan province/Phase 1
Duration: 2008 – 2009
Total budget: 500,000 EUR
Donor: European Commission/Ministry of Local Government, Hungary


The current Afghan government inherited a weak administration. The lack of new investment in human capital over the last twenty years has left the administration with a large group of public service employees whose skills and abilities are frequently not up to current requirements. And the recruitment of new qualified staff is hindered by low salaries. The government Afghanistan elaborated a strategic plan to build a sound legal, administrative and physical environment in which civil servants could function efficiently and effectively and be held accountable for their performance. This Public Administration Reform Programme (PAR) is part of a wider governmental reform agenda which also encompasses economic management, governance, security, safety and access to justice. This project planned by the Applicant and its Partner suit this supportive policy and the local claims as well.
Project objectives

Enhancing the administrative institutions of Afghanistan, promoting the process of democratic changes in sub national level: promoting the realization of the Public Administration Reform, strengthening the provincial and district administrations in Baghlan Province.
Main activities

1. Training programs
120 hours of management, 96 hours IT and 96 hours English language courses were organized at provincial and district level in Baghlan province having an impact on almost 1 million individuals. The training was delivered by mobile trainers’ team; total number of graduating participants was 240.  
2. Construction of District Administration/ Community Office buildings in 2 Districts
Office buildings with 6 premises and 216m2 floor space were constructed by HIA in two locations - Dahana-I-Ghori and Tala-Wa-Barfak districts. The buildings were also supplied with office equipment (computers and accessories) and electric system by the project. 
3. Equipment of 15 office buildings of the District Governor’s offices/ District Councils
In the frame of this project part HIA distributed office equipment at 15 locations. 2 solar blocks were also procured and delivered to Tala-Wa-Barfak and Dahana-I-Ghori to ensure steady power supply in the two administrative buildings constructed by HIA within the frame of the project.  
Main results, impact

Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s project significantly contributed to the improvement of the living standards for approximately 0,8 million citizens living in the province through the development of administrative services. Proper technical-infrastructural and working conditions help civil servants to perform their jobs at a higher level for the benefit of the population. Taking into consideration the actual status in the sector of administration in Baghlan province and the shortage of building capacity at district level, the project has contributed to the overall objective within its area of operation. All the participants without exception proclaimed the significance and positive impact of the project. Basically the main concern was that the lack of technical-structural conditions has frustrated the civil servants as to perform their scope of duties in the manner as expectable. The office equipment included computers with accessories was meant to fill the gaps of expectations of society regarding the services provided and the real status of administrative sector.