Baghlan 2009

Project title: Strengthening of the institutions of local governance in Baghlan province /Phase 2
Duration: 11 February – 31 October, 2009
Total budget: 500,000 EUR
Donor: European Commission/Ministry of Local Government, Hungary


Baghlan province lays in the North of Afghanistan. Estimated number of the population is 800-900 thousand individuals; territory of the province is 21,129 km2. Baghlan province – similarly to other provinces of Afghanistan – suffered serious damages during the war and inner conflicts of the past decades. The reform of public administration in Afghanistan is a critical part of the state-building and reconstruction agenda. Afghanistan needs an efficient public administration in order to promote social development, economic growth, stability and its poverty reduction strategy.  

Overall project objective was to promote realization of reforms in Afghanistan, enhance efficiency of the international exchange of experiences and also to promote success of the Public Administration Reform Programme launched by the government. Specific objectives included creation of functional infrastructure, promotion of good administrative practices and awareness-raising about environmental issues by supporting the creation of standard procedures in the field of environmental protection.  
Main activities

Activities of the project were in compliance with the provincial development plan for Baghlan province, needs assessment prepared by HIA and Situation Assessment for the North-eastern Region (Kunduz and Baghlan) prepared by UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) in February 2008. 
1. Construction of and equipping a conference hall, offices and archives for the Provincial Development Council/ Pul-e-Khumri
The new building constructed by HIA is situated in the Pul-e-Khumri governance complex where land, infrastructure and security were available. The 600+ m2 building with two floors includes a few guest-rooms as well for council delegates arriving from remote districts. 
2. Construction of the district administration building in Jelga district   
Following the construction of two administration office buildings in Dahana i Ghori and Tala wa Barfak, Hungarian Interchurch Aid constructed a third building within the frame of current project in Jelga which is one of the most isolated districts of Baghlan province. 
3. Promoting the effective operation of the local administrative system by supporting the creation of standard procedures for environmental protection
An operational network of independent experts, civil servants, decision makers and international institutions was established and standard procedures for environmental protection on provincial/municipal level were elaborated and submitted to EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Kabul.  
Main results, impact

Second phase of HIA’s project in Baghlan province has further strengthened institutions of local governance and contributed to the effective and reasonable operation of the local administration system through improvement and rationalization of standard procedures in the field of environmental protection.