Assistance to families in Transcarpathia

The Beregszász Charity Half Marathon aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by families in war torn Ukraine and to highlight the importance of donating. Since the participation is free, we kindly suggest you to support our work helping families in Transcarpathia by making a donation.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid has supported the needy in Transcarpathia for twenty years, but in recent years many Hungarian families have reached out to us, asking for food and winter firewood support. In addition to the tangible help, the staff of our Beregszász centre hold regular development activities for 70 to 80 children.

How your donation will be used

From 7 500 HUF - You can help provide a family with a food package

From 17 500 - You can help provide a family with firewood for the whole winter season
From 2 500 - You can support one child to take part in a group development activity

Challenges - Even more families face difficult situations

The number of low-income families in the Beregszász area increased by more than one and a half times between 2010 and 2018. It is increasingly difficult to keep the family at a minimum level of subsistence, providing daily meals, clothing, paying overheads, and schooling children. The autumn-winter season is even more difficult for families. The constant increase in the price of gas and winter firewood (coal, firewood) puts even more heavily low-income families at a disadvantage, having to choose between: paying the gas bill or using this amount to buy food or the child's winter footwear.

Children’s development activities throughout the whole year

Apart from the support of families in need, the development of children has received increased emphasis at HIA. 70-80 children from disadvantaged social and financial situations regularly attend the development activities that have been taking place for six years.
If the children do not receive the development support, it very likely that they will regularly skip school and may end up quitting school.

How will your support help?

The donations will be used to provide winter firewood and food support, and will also finance the HIA program of supporting children in need through development activities. 
Make a donation by card by clicking on the donation box at the top of the page.

Or by transfer to our OTP Bank account 11705008-20464565 (please note “Transcarpathia” in the reference)

Further information, registration for the Beregszász Half Marathon.