How can I help?

Each member of our partnership contributes to achieving our common goals depending on its possibilities and means. Learn about the most popular forms of cooperation below. For individual appointment, please contact our organization’s CSR expert at email address:

Cash donation

The most effective one – even a little can be of big help for those who are in need.

If you decide to support HIA-Hungary by cash donation, you can be sure that it will get to its intended destination through our system which complies with the strictest transparency requirements. 

If your donation is intended for a specific aid program, please indicate it in the comment box of the transfer or the cheque!

Our organization’s account number is: 11705008-20464565 (OTP Bank Zrt.)

We wish to draw your attention to our online donation page through which you can send your donation to HIA-Hungary quickly and safely.

In-kind donation 

The most tangible one – The products you offer will get to where they are mostly needed.  

Diverse activities of our social and development centers, our National Aid Center and our relief campaigns allow us to deliver significant amount of corporate donations to those in need in addition to  the in-kind donations received from private donors.    

Considering that the delivery of a large-scale product donation requires major logistical and coordination tasks, we encourage our partners to offer only products with high quality that are in good condition. If adequately prepared, not only donation of own products can help our work significantly and may prove to be valuable for needy children and families but that of fixed assets awaiting scrapping and sometimes causing major problems at the company, or finished products crumbling in the warehouse above the planned level of stocks. 

Service donation

The most obvious one - Support our work with what you are best at.

We are sure that you know what the fields are where your company is ahead of the competitors and the industry. Besides the international practices and sophisticated methods applied, it is definitely due to your colleagues who have great expertise. They are the ones who can donate us – both on the company’s and their own behalf – an expertise we can use in our everyday work. 

Owing to the diversity of our domestic and international activities, our work can be supported by a wide range of corporate services. Let’s dedicate your company’s services to be used for good causes together!  

Corporate volunteering

The most exciting one - Teambuilding and value creation organized professionally.

You surely have participated in teambuilding training in a great atmosphere and have many photos of the common forest adventures and evening entertainments.  There is no doubt that these get-togethers or exciting adventures provide effective help in forging a team and will be great themes of conversations for years. We now offer an alternative for you and your team through which participants can create real value with manual work instead of the usual programs that are built mostly on ”consumption”. 

We are awaiting teams ready for action in our 20 social and development centers throughout the country; teams that – independently of their number – undertake serious creative work in the frame of one or several-day programs.  In our institutions many jobs are up for grabs; each requires careful planning, organization, implementation and monitoring. During these occasions, out of their workplaces program participants practice the workflows required for daily work and experience the consequences of performing these differently.  During the assembly of a playground or felling a dry tree, communication will start between colleagues who work in the same team but otherwise in different departments of the company. The personal relationships deepening in the course of joint and successful work will continue to be useful at the workplace. Read more about the opportunities offered about corporate volunteering!