Hungary and Ukraine 2011-2012

ENPI (European Neighborhood and Partnership Instrument) – Cross-border Cooperation Program
Project title: Training activities enabling job placement for the disadvantaged population in Beregovo and Miskolc
Duration: 2011-2012 (24 months)
Budget: 500,000 EUR
Donor: European Commission/National Development Agency


Both in BAZ county of Hungary and in Beregovo district of Transcarpathia individuals, especially Roma minority lack qualifications and skills to find jobs thus unemployment is a huge problem among them. 
Main objectives

The overall objective of the action is to contribute to the intensification and deepening of cooperation between institutions in Zakarpatska, Ukraine and Miskolc, eligible and adjacent area of Hungary. The cooperation involves elaboration and delivery of specialised training programmes such as, trainings for early school leavers, women returning to work and specific trainings to adapt qualifications to the needs of the labour market, including preparation to the employment. The project is also aiming at improving information exchange on training methodologies of different areas.
Main activities

- Preliminary activities
- Improved information exchange system 
- Handbook preparation
- Trainings in Ukraine
- Integration to the labour market in Ukraine
- IT trainings in Hungary
- Integration to the labour market in Hungary
- Monitoring, Evaluation
Main results

- Unemployed people (especially Roma, women and disabled) gained new skills in order to successfully apply for job in Miskolc and Zakarpatska region;  specialized professional trainings provided 710 unemployed persons 
- Improved efforts, new strategies and closer coordination to decrease the number of unemployed in both target area
- New methods are available in the development of the labour market
- Strengthened regional and institutional cooperation among Miskolc and Beregovo