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Let's give a chance to return, a chance to stay!

Over the years, we saw images of war in the news about the spreading and defeating of the Islamic State. Four years after the horror began in 2014, today, most of Iraq's settlements are in peace. More than 3 million internally displaced persons have already returned, but upon their return they did not have many reasons for hope and survival, they found their houses bombed, schools in ruin and churches destroyed.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been providing assistance through the permanent presence and relief programs since 2016, including paying special attention to persecuted Christians. We renovate homes and rehabilitate schools, providing the tools to help families to resume their lives, so they have a chance to remain and prosper, and will not need to leave their homes.

We are now announcing a fundraising campaign! Help us to give a chance to the families returning after the war to restart their lives, to help them stay and prosper in their homes. Join the campaign too!

How you can help?

You can forward you contributions safely and quickly by the help of credit card here, on our website. 

You can also support our activities via bank transfer: 11705008-20464565   
Please Include ’Iraq’ in reference!
EURO Account: HU 42-1030-0002-5010-0126-2100-4882
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Personal stories

Our colleagues in Northern Iraq experience the challenges many people face every day, and most of these stories never end up in the news. These families lost everything; they are persecuted for being Christian, and carry the nightmares of war. The poet János Lackfi was asked to help us get closer to the lives of these people through the means of literature.

Click here or the images below and read their stories:

Activities in Iraq

Further information on our work in Northern Iraq.

You can support our aid program through an online donation or through a bank transfer to our OTP account: 11705008-20464565, please write “Iraq” as the reference.

Even the smallest support makes a difference.


From now on, HIA will also be able to support IDPs, returnees and host communities in the territory of the Government of Iraq.
The goal is to support returning Christian families to restart their lives in the Nineveh plain.
The Hungarian organisation opens a center to help returnees near Mosul and scales up IDP support in Erbil