Help without Borders

2018. May 11.

During his recent stay in Hungary, Mr Stefan J. Fedor visited the headquarters of Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA-Hungary) where he met Mr László Lehel, President-Director of HIA. The two leaders discussed how the American Hungarian Heritage House could help the work of Hungarian Interchurch Aid the best. The two organizations are planning a long term partnership. The communication of the American Hungarian Heritage House is going to include news and activities of HIA from now on, hereby facilitating the communication overseas and securing interconnection by its colorful and various activities.

Mr László Lehel was happy to accept the invitation of Mr Stefan J. Fedor to the United States. The American Hungarian communities and American organizations will get a chance to look into the unique and exemplary ways of providing assistance for those in need. According to the plans the management of HIA-Hungary are expected to arrive to the American Hungarian Heritage House prepared with a complex program and presentations.