Registration in Iraq

2019. February 10.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid launched its first aid program in Iraq in 2003. Later on, since 2014, following the rapid expansion of the Islamic State, HIA has provided assistance to over 40,000 IDPs, Syrian refugees and host communities. HIA opened its Erbil-based representation with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary in June 2016 aiming to implement further humanitarian and development programs.

So far, HIA conducted its activities in Iraqi Kurdistan as a member of the international community of ACT Alliance. On February 7, 2019 Mr. Mohammed Taher Al Tamimi, Director General of the NGO Directorate in Baghdad, handed over HIA’s registration certificate to our colleague. From now on, HIA will also be able to support IDPs, returnees and host communities in the territory of the Government of Iraq.


  • Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been providing assistance through the permanent presence and relief programs since 2016, including paying special attention to persecuted Christians.