Date: 2018. March 01.
In the first phase of the HUF 100 Million aid program funded by the Association of Towns with County Rights, the households receive heating material, food, hygiene and health care.
Date: 2017. February 23.
To contribute to saving lives and health of the most vulnerable IDPs, non-displaced conflict-affected populations in the East of Ukraine HIA has provided heating material to IDPs and people living in the conflict affected areas.
Date: 2016. September 29.
Since the outbreak of the crisis in Ukraine, Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been providing humanitarian assistance in 10 regions of the country.
Date: 2015. March 27.
Anna Nikolayevna left the war-prone settlement of Avdeyevka (Donetsk oblast), where fierce fighting took place due to the proximity of the airport, with her two children, Dima (6) and Yelesveta (15).
Date: 2015. February 06.
HIA’s ACT Alliance supported emergency assistance program for IDPs has started in seven regions of Ukraine in January, 2015. These are the stories of 5 of the 1350 IDP families.