Date: 2019. February 10.
From now on, HIA will also be able to support IDPs, returnees and host communities in the territory of the Government of Iraq.
Date: 2018. March 01.
The goal is to support returning Christian families to restart their lives in the Nineveh plain.
Date: 2017. October 19.
The Hungarian organisation opens a center to help returnees near Mosul and scales up IDP support in Erbil
Date: 2017. October 13.
The participants of the conference entitled “International conference on the Persecution of Christians - Seeking Answers to a Long-neglected Crisis” adopted the Budapest Declaration.
Date: 2017. July 24.
HIA-Hungary implemented its largest humanitarian action so far in Iraq: food packages were distributed to a total of 546 returnee families
Date: 2017. June 15.
Hungarian church support for minorities and disadvantaged groups in Northern Iraq.
Date: 2017. June 13.
HIA calls for assistance for persecuted Iraqi Christians. The homes of returning families will be rebuilt in Bahzani, 13 kilometers north of Mosul.
Date: 2017. February 17.
ACT/HIA team conducted an assessment visit to Mosul on 5 February 2017.
Date: 2016. October 21.
One of today’s largest humanitarian catastrophes might evolve in Northern-Iraq due to the military operations for the liberation of Mosul.
Date: 2016. July 02.
Hungarian Interchurch Aid has opened permanent representation in Iraq thus ensuring continuous humanitarian presence in the region.