Promoting ex-prisoners integration in Belarus

1, “Target groups” are the groups/entities who  will be directly positively affected by the action at the action purpose level. 
2, “Final beneficiaries” are those who will benefit from the action in the long term at the level of the society or sector at large.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the situation of disadvantaged people – especially vulnerable groups of ex-prisoners of 19 Belarusian prisons – in Gomel, Grodno and Vitebsk provinces of Belarus. On one hand the project aims to create better coordination and cooperation among different state, non-state actors dealing with ex-prisoners and on the other hand the project designed to strengthen an inclusive and empowered Belarusian society.

Specific objectives of the project: 

a) To strengthen the capacity and cooperation of NGOs, FBOs and local authorities in defining and implementing sustainable development strategy focusing on special social and economic issues of vulnerable population in order to provide better and coherent services for disadvantaged groups of the society (focusing on ex-prisoners).  

b) To  increase the target group’s access to better opportunities and to promote their efficient adaptation to labour market demands and integration into the society in general. Through a selected range of activities the project aims to establish a dialogue among different stakeholders from the public and the non-profit making sectors in order to develop partnership and work for sustainable employment opportunities and to start a pilot work activity for vulnerable groups of ex-prisoners.

c) To improve the skills and knowledge of the non-state actors working with disadvantaged groups through capacity building, networking and creation of effective partnerships. 

Key stakeholder groups, their attitudes towards the action and consultation undertaken with them: 

NGOs, FBOs local authorities - positive attitude, close cooperation; 
Experts working on specialized departments of social protection and employment system - positive attitude, close cooperation; 
Social centres - positive attitude, close cooperation;  
Ex-prisoners - positive/neutral attitude, motivation needed

This project is funded by the European Union.


HIA-Hungary and the Belarusian Interchurch Mission "Christian Social Service" have finished a project in Belarus supported by the European Union with more than EUR 370,000.
Staff members of Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) held a three-day training for Belarusian NGOs, social experts of the government and local governments from 20 to 22 October.
Sharing of best practices and experiences in the field of social reintegration of marginalized people