Samangan 2009

Title: Strengthening of the institutions of local governance in Samangan province 
Location: Samangan Province, Afghanistan
Duration: 1 March, 2009 – 30 November, 2009         
Total budget: 478,000 euro
Donor: European Commission


Samangan province, situated in the North of Afghanistan consists of 7 districts, with an estimated population of 400-410,000 inhabitants; the province belongs to the relatively poor provinces of Afghanistan, without practically any economic activity except agriculture. 
One of the main impeding factor of economic development in these districts is the under-developed civil administration in rural areas which is unable to perform its overwhelming tasks. 
Main objectives
Enhancing administrative institutions in Afghanistan, promoting the process of democratic changes in sub national level: promoting the realization of the Public Administration Reform and the Provincial Development Strategy, strengthening the district administrations/local governance in Samangan Province.
HIA’s objectives and activities within the frame of this project were in compliance with the Provincial Development Strategy for Samangan province. Main project goal was to improve quality of life of the province’s inhabitants through infrastructural development of public administration and training for civil servants.
Main activities 

1. Creating functional infrastructure 
(A) construction of district governance offices at two  strategically important points of Samangan province (Firoz Nakschir and Khoram-Wa-Sarbagh) and supplying them with drinking water,  safe sanitation and stable electricity. 
(B) completing the infrastructure of two existing governance buildings – safe drinking water and stable electricity; reliable heating/air conditioning. 
2. Equipping governance buildings in five districts of Samangan province
Based on the distribution system elaborated and applied in Baghlan province, two types of office packages were provided for offices involved in current project as well (including computers with basic and specific accessories, office furniture, kitchen equipment, solar panels, generators, mini hydro-power stations). 
3. Training for civil servants of the seven districts  
The trainings in Samangan, as earlier in Baghlan, were delivered by mobile trainers. 120 hours Management, 96 hours IT and 96 hours English courses were organized on district level. Total number of participants who completed the courses and were awarded with certificates was 108. Technical upgrade training was a new initiative from HIA’s side within the frame of this project. Aim of this program element was to transfer basic knowledge and information regarding the technical devices. 
Main results

Infrastructural development and training for civil servants increased the level of public administration services provided for the population of Samangan province.