Ukraine 2006-2008

TACIS Institution Building Partnership Programme (IBPP) - Support to Civil Society and Local Initiatives
Project title: Assistance to marginalized groups of the population, institution-, and network building in Ukraine
Duration: 2006-2008 (24 months)
Budget: 252,175 EUR
Donor: European Commission


Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been present in Ukraine, Transcarpathia since 1998. At that time humanitarian assistance was provided to the victims of floods. While implementing the program HIA has realized shortcomings of basic social services and decided to implement long-term development programs in the region. In 2000 Hungarian Interchurch Aid together with HEKS (Swiss Protestant Relief Organisation) established Beregovo Social Fund, a new civil organisation that was aimed to carry out social and training programs. The Fund has been renamed in June, 2006 and now is called ADVANCE – Transcarpathian Advocacy and Development Center. 
Main objectives

General objective of the project was (1) to promote the social integration of unemployed people especially Roma and disabled individuals. Further important objective of the program was (2) to provide capacity building to ADVANCE, HIA’s partner organisation and (3) promote the establishment of a new NGO network. 
Main activities

(1) Training courses:
In addition to the training courses – accredited computer course (82 participants), basic computer course (60 participants) basic training in housekeeping (60 participants) - counselling services (legal, social and psychological) were also provided for the target group ( a total of 3.168 beneficiaries received counselling). 
(2) Capacity building for ADVANCE staff
The project also contributed to the institutional development of ADVANCE through organizing professional training for the ADVANCE staff both locally and in Hungary. Beside transfer of knowledge in person, assistance and counselling through phone and e-mails were continuously provided during the program. Capacity building and transfer of know-how included the following topics: how to write and submit applications, fundraising possibilities, techniques, division of labour/specialization, project-based book-keeping, bank transfers, exchange rates. 
(3) Establishment of an NGO network
Following the 2 years’ work and 4 network-building conferences the ACCORD (Association of Cooperating Organizations for Development in Western-Ukraine) network was established. A total of 22 organizations signed the network agreement and expressed its intention to work together with the member organizations in the frame of the network. 
Main results

As a result of the training programs the target groups’ chances on the labour-market have significantly increased. Qualifications and knowledge offered by the courses were very useful for the graduated individuals and they became more capable of changing their lives through finding jobs. The counselling services provided relevant information to clients in social and legal issues. They were empowered to exercise their rights and use social services for the benefit of their families.  
Capacity building for ADVANCE and networking for NGOs working in social field also brought the desired impact – operation and professional work of ADVANCE became more effective, while the establishment of the NGO network further contributed to an improved level of social services provided for the disadvantaged population of Western-Ukraine.