Ukraine - Humanitarian Assistance

Crises in Ukraine, Kiev. HIA-Hungary – facilitated by its local office in Beregovo  – provided humanitarian assistance to the St. Michael's Monastery in Kiev. The fist shipment contained medicines and medical kits to the monastery that is operating as a temporary hospital. HIA-Hungary's Ukranian office is buying further hospital equipment from the support of the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Since the beginning of the escalation of the violence early this week in Kiev, St.Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery have established an emergency hospital in the premises of the monastery, as the monastery is located right in the centre of the city. Doctors and nurses are taking care of the injured people, after the emergency care they are transported to state hospital for further care. All hospitals in Kiev and the surrounding areas, counties are crowded with injured people.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid have initiated a national fundraising campaign in order to go on with supporting  the victims of the present crisis in Ukraine and is continuously in contact with the monastery in order to coordinate further assistance.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid in Ukraine

Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been present in Ukraine since the middle of the 90’s. The main objective of HIA’s activities in Ukraine – apart from post-disaster humanitarian assistance in 1998 – is to transfer development model programs that target long-term sustainability and primarily promote development of the Transcarpathian, Western-Ukrainian region. 

During the initial period Hungarian Interchurch Aid  carried out humanitarian and social support activities in Beregovo and its surroundings and established cooperation with the UNHCR office opened in Kiev in 1994. In order to effectively perform rehabilitation works after the „big Transcarpathian floods” of 1998, HIA-Hungary opened an independent office in Beregovo. While implementing the programs, HIA-Hungary became aware of the region’s shortcomings as well. In 2000 HIA-Hungary established the Beregovo Social Foundation together with HEKS (Swiss Protestant Aid Organization); the new NGO’s main task was to manage social and training programs. The foundation has been working under the name of ADVANCE Transcarpathian Advocacy and Development Center since 2006. Hungarian Interchurch Aid has been continuously assisting the Development Center’s work, the support includes the following: labor-market development, development programs for children, legal and social counseling, accredited vocational training, humanitarian assistance (Transcarpathia, Melitopol, Lemberg, Dniester region), social development programs, creation and operation of a Western-Ukrainian NGO network.

HIA-Hungary’s Ukrainian participation with a total budget of EUR 3 million was made possible by private donors and mainly international partner and donor agencies (HEKS, ACT Alliance, EuropeAid, ENPI Cross-border Cooperation Programme) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary from grants awarded through tendering.